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Home Office


The nature of work has undergone profound changes since the beginning of the twenty-first century. In many cases, we no longer have to leave our homes to pursue an occupation. Today the home is not simply a place of refuge and the focal point of family life, but has been transformed through electronic networking into a fully equipped workplace. This allows many professions to be practised in the comfortable context of one’s personal environment.

Thanks to mobile computers and telephones, we can communicate with one another virtually anywhere on the planet. Even the videophone, once reserved as a gadget for science-fiction heroes, has become a reality. And the Internet makes it possible to send vast amounts of data from one end of the earth to the other within seconds. As a result, we can carry out projects with participants scattered across various continents, who gather in front of their laptop screens for video conferences to discuss issues and make decisions.


The classic office ensemble – the chair drawn up to a table for working – creates a connection between two places that were completely separate in the minds of the previous generation: once Home and Office, now Home Office.

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