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Home Living

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman featured in a living room setting with other furniture

"a permanent collection designed to meet fully the requirements for modern living"

George Nelson

It’s natural for us to live, think and move beyond the indoors – a move made ever more possible with technology. Keeping in mind this desire for more time spent in exterior spaces, we offer solutions for outdoors: furnishings crafted for work and play using the same design philosophy as our interior pieces and built to withstand the elements.

Living Lounge Interior Design feature

Living And Lounge

As the lines become blurred between how and where we work and live, people are redefining their perceptions of what a space can be. This reality, remarkably foreseen in 1952 by George Nelson as “a daytime living room where work can be done under less tension with fewer distractions”, is deftly addressed with Living and Lounge offerings. – Herman Miller

Living Lounge Interior Design feature

Dinning & Meeting

Thoughtfully curated and carefully balanced, this range of Dining and Meeting offerings navigates the many moments of living when we gather around a table, recognising that the purpose may easily shift from sharing food to sharing ideas, from the leisurely to the long, from the elegant to the casual. – Herman Miller

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