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home office accessories

The Sustainability of Working from Home

In this time of the global pandemic when companies are sending their employees to work from home, remote work needs to have sustainable benefits. Not only does working from home give employees more freedom and flexibility, but it can also help them become more productive, so long as management can take care of them, at…
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home office desk chair

Finding Focus while Working Remotely: Invest in a Home Office Desk Chair and More

Working from home has been the preferred working arrangement for some people. Over the years, home workers have become accustomed to home office life. True enough, there are plenty of reasons why remote work is better. We can thank technology for cloud services, video chat, and team messaging for making this possible. However, it comes…
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The Carafe Table

The Carafe Table designed by Charles Wilson Herman Miller teamed up with Sydney-based Designer Wilson to create a versatile table that supports different activities particularly for the single-person households. The Carafe Table has been designed to blend the functions of the kitchen bench top and work desk, able to transform easily between ‘working’ and ‘dining’…
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furniture supplier philippines

Furniture Supplier Philippines for Minimalist Office Interior

Minimalist Architecture started in the 20th century. Its philosophy is the stripping down of space and leaving only the essential elements of specific spaces. Minimalist architecture can be similar and related to modern architecture. Both have the same mantra: “less is more”. When your motto in life is simplicity, then this type of architectural house…
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furniture supplier philippines

Five Important Tips for Managing Remote Teams

How to help your teams stay productive and collaborative Five Ways to Help Remote Teams Succeed Understand the challenges of helping everyone stay connected and engaged. Use web meetings sparingly and rely on tools that keep you connected throughout the day. Make sure important conversations and decisions include remote team members. Get creative with ideas…
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office furniture manila

How the Right Dual Monitor Setup Can Boost Productivity

Four Small Steps that Lead to Big Ergonomic Results Assume the right ergonomic posture. Designate your main monitor. Orient your mouse to the main screen. Adjust both monitors so they are at parallel height and eye level. There’s a reason why we’ve seen a 70 percent increase in dual monitor use since 2002, and multiple…
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business furniture

Using Business Furniture While Practicing Self-Care and Working from Home

Why focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health is a must Self-care has been a hot topic in 2020. And now, given the fact that many of us are working from home, it’s even more important. How do we look after our mental, emotional, and physical health while trying to manage the challenges of working…
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home office design

Effective Home Office Design: Transforming the Office Space

Effective home office design isn’t just about productivity. A well-designed office marries productivity with efficiency and comfort, and a good office space knows to balance all three in a harmonious relationship.   However, it might feel as though one needs plentiful resources to successfully find a balance among the three critical aspects of a functioning…
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Home Office Inspirations

Check out these home office inspirations to have the best work from home experience
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